KhalifatullahMehdi (AHS)
The Promised Mehdi (Farah Committee)
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accordance with the Quran and the traditions of Prophet. They do not consider it forbidden to work for a living but it is incumbent on everyone who seeks God to inquire strictly into what he does in order to make a living and at the same time one should ensure that the work for living is not a hindrance in his Zikr.
Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi: "The most tremulous movement of the Tenth Century was the Mahdavi Movement, whose founder was Syed Mohammed Jaunpuri. In the light of an unbiased historical study it can be said that during those two or three centuries no religious Movement in this continent (including Afghanistan) influenced the Muslim society in such an extensive, deep and powerful way as has this Movement. From whatever the contemporary and later historians and writers have written in favor of and against, we come to the following conclusions:

  1. Syed Mohammed was one amongst the people who possessed very strong and very great, innate capabilities who are born after long spans of time. From his youth itself he was very courageous and brave discontented with the conditions of his time and environment. He was one who dauntlessly enjoined right conduct and forbade wrong conduct, scolded on the practices forbidden in shariyah, and on account of this he was given the title of Asad-ul-Ulema (tiger of scholars) in those days. He obtained mystic initiation, and endeavored very strict mysticism. He retreated to the hills and valleys  for  a  long  time  and  during  one  such  travel  he  proclaimed  himself  as the Mahdi.