Mahdi'sAS advent, how come in India?  
Ibne Maja, Haakim and Abu Nayeem on the authority of Hazrath SaubanRZ narrates

The ProphetSLM said "For your treasures (caliphate) three persons will fight but none will overcome it, then black flags will rise from the east, they will massacre you in such a way that no group has done it ever before. After this Khalifatullah Mehdi will arrive, when you hear about Mehdi reach him and pledge allegiance to him even if you have to crawl over snow because he is caliph of Allah the Mehdi"
The last part of the hadith means that "even if you have to crawl over snow to reach him, do it and pledge the allegiance to him."

If we look through the grammatical history of Arab literature, this phrase "even if you have to crawl over snow to reach him" is neither idiomatic nor exemplary phrase which indicates any meaning other than ProphetSLM informing about such a place which is in between the Arab region and the place of advent of MahdiAS, which will be a treacherous path covered with snow from where even if you've to crawl to reach him do it and pledge allegiance to him.

In the light of this hadith if we investigate geographical surroundings of the Arab region it's not impossible to find out the reported place.

Geographical boundaries of Arabia
  • To the west of Arabia is Red Sea and the African continent, ruling out any possibility of snow covered path
  • To the south is Arabian sea and Indian ocean, ruling out the snow path again
  • To the north is Asian plains followed by the Russian provinces and Siberia where the region is covered in snow almost all year round followed by Antarctic ocean without a dry land which ought to be the destination according to the above hadith
  • Now if we divide east of Arabia into south-east and north-east the south east is surrounded by the Persian gulf, southern Iran and Bulichistan ruling out yet again snowy path whereas to the north east is the mountainous region of Khurasan where snow is enveloped for 4-6 months at a stretch making it treacherous for travel.
The above 3 bullets and first part of the 4th eliminates the advent of Imam MahdiAS in any direction of the Arab region except the North-East. Finding the place located North-East of Arab is not an easy task because there are dozens of countries and it could be any one among Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Mongolia to name a few. But, ProphetSLM did a huge favor on us by the grace of AllahSWT and made our job easy in this regard through the following hadith recorded in Sunan An-Nasai by Hazrath SaubanRZ.
SaubanRZ who was a freed slave of the ProphetSLM narrates that the ProphetSLM said "My ummah has two groups whom AllahSWT has protected from hell-fire, one group will fight in India and second group will be with IsaAS"
The above hadith refers to two groups one will fight in India and the other is the one which will be with IsaAS. It's not clear to whom the first group belongs; second group belongs to Mamur-min-Allah (Appointed by Allah) IsaAS. If the second group belongs to Mamur-min-Allah then the first one must be of Mamur-min-Allah also.
The first group which is protected from hell-fire, how can it belong to someone who is not appointed by Allah? Therefore it is proved that the first group must be that of Imam MahdiAS because being protected from hell-fire is being saved from getting perished. Imam MahdiAS being Dafa-e-Halakat-e-Ummat-e-Mohammadia is one but the same as the following hadith makes it obvious.
"How can my Ummah perish when I am at its beginning, Jesus, son of Marry, at its end and the Mehdi from my progeny will be in the middle of it? But in between this, there will be a large detracted group. Neither I belong to them nor do they belong to me."
The above tradition has been quoted from
  • In Musnad of Imam Ahmad from Ibn AbbasRZ
  • By Abu Nu-aym Isphahani from Ibn AbbasRZ
  • In Kanzul Ummal from AliRZ
  • In Mishkat and its commentaries Mirqat and Lumu'at from Imam Jafar and Razeem
  • By Hakim from Abdullah Ibn UmarRZ
  • In Tafseer-e-Madarik with some variance in words.
(This hadith proves that Imam MahdiAS is Dafa-e-Halakat-e-Ummat-e-Mohammadia)

In the hadith the words clarify that the group which fights in hind are the followers of Imam MahdiAS who faced the army of Muzaffar of Gujarat in Gazwa-e-Hind which was led by Syedush Shohda Hazrath Syed KhundmirRZ, companion and second Khalifa of Imam MahdiAS. The Quranic ayat's (5:54) attributes perfectly fits Hazrath Syed KhundmirRZ and his followers in Gazwa-e-Hind

The country of birth of Imam MahdiAS being India  has been proved beyond doubt by two ahadith of Hazrath SaubanRZ but now the thought-provoking fact of the matter is that in a country as vast as India which has so many cities where would heAS be born?
You cannot find any reports of Imam MahdiAS being born in the city of Jaunpur because the very existence of city of Jaunpur wasn't there during the holy life of ProphetSLM. The city of Jaunpur was founded approximately 750 Hijri in the memory of Muhammad Tughlaq by Feroze Tughlaq, the king of Delhi, who was the successor and nephew of Muhammad Tughlaq whose real name was Jauna Khan. This took place in the year 752H. But the location where the city of Jaunpur was populated used to be a small district or a village which had an ancient name of Krimith written in Hindi language as From the ancient history of Bharat (which has a history of Hindi language) it is proved that Grodhar Donacharya's distant cousin Kripacharya, who was a leader or commander in chief of Pandav's army had camped with his army at this place and as a result this place was popularly called Krimith.

The geographical maps show that Krimith's location exactly matches that of present day Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh, India). The above historical facts are taken from a book of history in Hindi. The following Hindi text is an extract from page 93 of the same book
Now we start to search for the name "Krimith" in the ahadith and we come across the following hadith in the hadith book "Al Arful Wardi Fi Akhbar il Mahdi" by Jalaluddin Suyuti at Asafiya Library's manuscript (Hyderabad, India). The following hadith was found in book number 319. Abu Nayeem said and Abu Bakr bin al Mukhri has recorded in his book "Mujeem" that
Ibne Umar said that ProphetSLM said that "Mahdi's advent will occur at such a city or village which will be known as Krimiah"
The above mentioned hadith elucidates the birth or advent of MahdiAS at Krimiah and the geographical location of Krimiah and Juanpur are one and the same as proved earlier.
Therefore the above hadith comes true on Syed Muhammad of Jaunpur who is Khalifatullah, Mamur-min-Allah, Dafa-e-Halakat-e-Ummat-e-Muhammadia, Amrullah, Muradullah, Khatim-e-Vilayat-e-Muhammadia, Khatim-e-Deen, Mubiyyunul Quran, Tabe-e-Taam, Mahdi-e-MaudAS

Aamanna wo Sadaqna

The above quoted ahadith and the argument posted clearly rule out the myth of majority of Muslim world on the advent of MahdiAS only in Arabia as if AllahSWT's dominion is (Nauzubillah) restricted to Arabia only.

*The article is a rough translation of excerpts from the book "Braheen-e-Mehdavia"

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